Banking system project

Hi all,

today I am writing because I wanted to share here my newest github repo. I am currently working on a banking system project to hone my skills in both Python and SQL. I am doing that in order to have a better grasp of dealing with medium-size projects and to learn what it actually means to software engineer.

In the repo you can track my progress and read the documentation that I am writing alongside with the actual code of my software. The software has a MIT license, so feel free to use it however you see fit; the only thing I ask is to credit me for my work since I see that as a token of appreciation for my time.

At the moment I am writing, I have finished the first version of the database which I am not planning to share; there already is documentation on it that gives the logical schema and the datatypes of all the attributes. If I feel like it’s needed, I may write a SQL script to create and populate the database with a few samples. I also started writing some python code, namely, classes to deal with the data to be extracted from the database.

I appreciate all kinds of suggestions especially since I am surely not following any of python “best practises” - I learnt it by myself and currently do not have much experience apart from a few bots and small functions here and there.

class BankProject:
  def __init__(self):
    self.state = 'started'
   def currentState(self):
   def finishProject(self):
    self.state = 'finished'
myProject = BankProject()
myProject.currentState #prints 'started'
#myProject.finishProject --> only when the project is completed!
#myProject.currentState --> stay tuned!

Thank you for having read this post,

Alessandro Chiarelli

Alessandro Chiarelli
Alessandro Chiarelli
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