Amazonian here! And random thoughts

I’m writing this post to prudly announce that I am now an Amazonian and will be for the next 6 months. This is an important moment for me as it marks my “membership” to the FAANG/Big Tech club.


I’m 20 now and I think I’ve seen and lived way more things and experiences than most people my age. Currently I’m even in a backpacking trip and experiencing something new every single day.

Places I lived in

Hi all, when I first decided to wrote this article (or page, still not sure yet) [14/10/2020] I wanted to have a place where I could list the places where I lived during my life.

LeadTheFuture Mentee

Hi all, today I am finally writing an article after months of inactivity - and that is for a good reason! I have been selected for a mentorship project by LeadTheFuture, an Italian non-profit organisation that empowers top-performing students giving them guidance to achieve their goals.

Blloc Ratio - the future launcher for Enthusiasts?

Yesterday I finally received an invitation to download Blloc Ratio from the European company Blloc. I discovered it thanks to TechAltar’s video about the phone Blloc Zero. The company is very responsive and it has an active online community that is responsive and helpful when it comes to newbies and solving bugs.

Banking system project

Hi all, today I am writing because I wanted to share here my newest github repo. I am currently working on a banking system project to hone my skills in both Python and SQL.

Domain owner!

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that - Paul Cookson Even though I am just a student without any company of my own (and thus no employees), I must say that I agree with Paul.

About me

include <stdio.h> int main(void){ printf("Hello, world\n"); return 0; } Let me introduce myself. I am Alessandro Carmelo Chiarelli, aka alexcarchiar. My nickname is just a play on the diminutives of the three names that compose my full name.