Alessandro Chiarelli

Alessandro Chiarelli

Software Engineer | Computer Science and Cryptography MSc. | Computer Engineering B.SC.

List SPA



Ciao! I am Alessandro Chiarelli, aka alexcarchiar but I also have a Chinese name, which is 瑞利. I am currently working at List SPA in Turin as a Software Engineer. I hold a SECCLO Master degree in Computer Science with a Major in Cryptography and a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering. I have studied abroad and moved multiple times, see my education section!

I am Italian originally but I am also familiar with other cultures, in particular the ones of the countries I’ve lived in: France, Spain, China, Finland and Estonia. My first international experience was in high school in France, thanks to AFS. When I started university I moved to Turin where I stayed for a year before moving to China. I stayed there just before the Covid-19 pandemic after which I moved back to Italy. I graduated from my bachelor’s degree in July 2021 and after that I moved to Finland for my first semester of my Master’s degree. I stayed in Finland for only 7 months since I got an internship in Amazon Spain. I left Spain for Estonia for the final year of my Master’s degree. Now I am back to Turin as a software engineer for List, in a position that allows me to merge my passion for finance and computers, as I work with financial institutions.

People say I am a global citizen, and that’s something I definitely like. I love Computer Science and technology in general, I read a lot about these topics as well as economics. My curiosity is probably my greatest asset since it also gives me the will to learn and grow every day.

I am a cryptoenthusiast and investor, both in crypto and non-crypto assets. I co-founded the students’ association “BIT PoliTO” at my former university which focuses on spreading knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. My master thesis was about blockchain oracles and their security, in particular for non-financial applications.

I am always looking forward to new challenges, so if you have any… don’t hesitate to contact me!


  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud technology
  • Automation
  • Scalable systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain
  • Web development
  • Economics
  • Languages
  • Travelling


  • M.Sc. in Security and Cloud Computing - SECCLO year 2 - Cryptography Track, 2022-2023

    Tartu University 🇪🇪

  • M.Sc. in Security and Cloud Computing - SECCLO year 1, 2021-2022

    Aalto University 🇫🇮

  • B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, 2018-2021

    Politecnico di Torino 🇮🇹

  • Exchange Year, 2019-2020

    同济大学 (Tongji University) 🇨🇳

  • Exchange Year, 2015-2016

    Lycée Claude Gellée 🇫🇷

  • High school, 2013-2018

    Liceo S. Cannizzaro 🇮🇹

Programming languages








Assembly MIPS








Spoken languages













Software Development Engineer


Mar 2024 – Present Spain
I joined Amazon back at the Madrid office. This time I am a fully-fledged L4 Software Development Engineer, working at the UPMT/DiscoTec organization. I am building the automated MLOPS marketing platform used inside Amazon.

Software Engineer

List SPA

Sep 2023 – Feb 2024 Italy
Software engineer in the Leadership Development Program. It is a 3-year program where I periodically change teams and departments to accelarate my growth as a professional. I was working on a project to allow banks to monitor their exposure to foreign currency on all of their assets.

Software Development Engineer - Intern


Mar 2022 – Aug 2022 Spain
I worked as an SDE Intern in the Machine Learning team in Barcelona. I worked on two projects. The first one was an internal tool for tracking the metadata of machine learning models developed by scientists at Amazon Search. The second one was in the machine learning training team to develop tools needed by our Applied Scientists to automate the process of training, evaluating and deploying machine learning models. Along with the other interns in my team, I was the first intern to go on a business trip from EU to US with Amazon.I am working as an SDE Intern in the Machine Learning team in Barcelona. I work on two projects: - an internal tool for tracking the metadata of machine learning models developed by scientists at Amazon Search. - on the machine learning training team to develop tools needed by our Applied Scientists to automate the process of training, evaluating and deploying machine learning models. Along with the other interns in my team, I was the first intern to go on a business trip from EU to US with Amazon.

Intern engineer

Blue Reply

Mar 2021 – May 2021 Italy
Research on the FIDO/WebAuthn protocol, analysis and study of use cases and realisation of a few working demos to simulate passowrdless and/or multifactor authentications and registrations.

Communication and Marketing Team Leader


Sep 2020 – Jan 2022 Italy
I took on the responsibility of coordinating the Communication and Marketing team at my newly-founded students team. I mostly focus on social media, content managing and content creation, especially when it comes to the podcast and to finding guests. I am team leader for the Podcast and Marketing sub-teams.

Digital Marketer and Developer


May 2020 – Sep 2020 Italy
I joined the newly-founded students’ association BIT PoliTO which deals with Bitcoin and blockchain. I work as a Digital Marketer and as a Developer of new software solutions for blockchain.


JAES Company

Sep 2018 – Sep 2018 Italy
Hired as a Content creator to kickstart JAES’s YouTube channel and to train employees about the algorithms and mechanics of posting content on YouTube Responsibilities include:

  • Training
  • Creating videos
  • Presentations

High School mandatory intership

Multiple companies

Sep 2016 – May 2018 Italy
For my mandatory High School internship, I worked as a tourist guide for Villa Zito museum and Palermo’s Club for UNESCO. I also worked as a competitive swimmer

Content Creator


Jan 2015 – Present
Creating content for personal use on different platforms



Given the success of the guest lecture in the previous year, I was personally invited to hold a full on 1 week blockchain and cryptography course at my old school. I held a class of around 50 students and the topics ranged from a brief history of economic systems, to basic cryptographic primitives, Layer-1 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart contracts, Layer-2 Bitcoin (Lightining network) and applications of blockchian outside of the finance industry.

Guest Lecturer

I was invited to hold a lecture on the technical side of Bitcoin to Italian high school students. The topics ranged from what transactions are, how they are organised in blocks, how the blockchain works, what mining is and the existence of multiple layers of Bitcoin on top of the base one.

SECCLO Scholarship

I was awarded a scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree in Security and Cloud Computing by the EU. It is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree program offered by a consortium of four universities. My first year is in Finland, the second one in an other country among France, Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden.

Guest Lecturer

I was invited to share my experience as an exchange student in China and highlight the differences I perceived among the different cultures, as well as what it takes to go abroad as an exchange student.

Seeds for the future

I was admitted to Huawei excellence training ‘Seeds for the Future’ that focuses on groundbreaking technologies such as cloud computing, AI and IOT.

Mentorship program

Among the few Italian students selected to be mentees for LeadTheFuture, a leading mentorship non-profit organization for students in STEM, with acceptance rate below 20%. LeadTheFuture empowers top-performing students to achieve their goals and contribute to their communities by giving them one-on-one guidance from high-impact mentors coming from the world’s leading STEM innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley and CERN.

Politong scholarship

I was awarded one of the 11 scholarships for the Politong project, which is a double degree program between Politecnico (Italy) and Tongji university in China

Giovani talenti honor class

I was awarded membership to my university’s honor class that I quit after the first year in order to accept Politonh’s scholarship. It is awarded to the top 200 students.

Inscription in National Bulletin Board for Excellence

Since I graduated from High School with 100/100 cum laude, I was added to the Natoinal Bulletin Board for Excellence
See certificate

Membership (Italian Branch)

I passed the entrance examination and applied for Mensa Italia membership. Mensa is an organization that reunites people with High IQ (in the top 2% worldwide)

Scholarship for a year aboroad in France with AFS

This is a scholarship that allowed me to go abroad with AFS, it was sponsored by Intesa San Paolo which is Italy’s biggest bank

My blog

Amazonian here! And random thoughts

I’m writing this post to prudly announce that I am now an Amazonian and will be for the next 6 months. This is an important moment for me as it marks my “membership” to the FAANG/Big Tech club.


I’m 20 now and I think I’ve seen and lived way more things and experiences than most people my age. Currently I’m even in a backpacking trip and experiencing something new every single day.

Places I lived in

Hi all, when I first decided to wrote this article (or page, still not sure yet) [14/10/2020] I wanted to have a place where I could list the places where I lived during my life.

LeadTheFuture Mentee

Hi all, today I am finally writing an article after months of inactivity - and that is for a good reason! I have been selected for a mentorship project by LeadTheFuture, an Italian non-profit organisation that empowers top-performing students giving them guidance to achieve their goals.

Blloc Ratio - the future launcher for Enthusiasts?

Yesterday I finally received an invitation to download Blloc Ratio from the European company Blloc. I discovered it thanks to TechAltar’s video about the phone Blloc Zero. The company is very responsive and it has an active online community that is responsive and helpful when it comes to newbies and solving bugs.


These are just a few things I’ve been working on

Bank management system

I am building a Bank Management System to improve my software engineering skills and how to have a better understanding of the bankig system.


I’ve taken part to a newly founded students’ team at my university. BIT PoliTO’s goals are to spread knowledge about Bitcoin and blockchain and develop new technologies. I work as a Digital Marketer and as a Developer.


While working at Blue Reply as an Intern engineer, I researched the FIDO protocol for passwordless and/or multifactor authentication. I prepared an extensive document detailing how it works, how it can be implemented by different services and how it relates to the EBA’s PSD2 regulation.


I spend part of my spare time studying the best techniques to earn money through investments and I already have a few, both in fiat and crypto. I recently started studying crypto and this is what I am most interested about right now, that’s why I am taking part into a students’ association for crypto currencies and blockchain.

RasPi 4 server

I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 and used it to create my server that I use to host local website in my own network. I mainly use that server for my research purposes and to test my website before I upload my pages onto my web-hosting platform.

Telegram blaster

TelegramBlaster is a small python script that I created for my students’ team in order to send telegram messages to all contacts in a csv form. Customize it as you wish!

This website

This website is also a project of mine, made with Hugo and Academic. To be honest, though, I must credit my colleague and dear friend lorcalhost for inspiration. Check him out too!


I love to travel and I have already been to more than 10 countries. I have lived in four different places, three countries and two continents so far. My goal is to be able to visit every country.


I’ve taken part to a few projects on YouTube, with the main ones being my own channel and the first two educational videos on JAES company’s YouTube channel. To be fair, though, I have never been consistent in making YouTube content and I have always been more keen on the underlying technologies that make such a platform possible.